Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Work wherever you are, whenever you want.

Access your applications and data from anywhere, at any time using any device connected to the internet.

Some perceive moving their data to the cloud as a potential security risk. They like their own servers to be in a place where they can see and touch them and know where their data is stored. Some people are uncomfortable with the intangible nature of the cloud, choosing to ignore that utilizing data center infrastructure is actually likely to increase security. Our Cloud FAQs page should alleviate any concerns you may have.

  • No need to spend long hours at the office! Connect to the cloud and work from the comfort of home.
  • No need to have servers in-house. Your servers are in the cloud rather than in your office. All you need are PCs, laptops or even just small, thin-client devices.
  • Make your business more environmentally friendly with less energy consumption from bulky servers and cooling systems. Data centers are much more energy efficient due to pooling of resources and economies of scale.
  • Reduce the need for advanced hardware in-house. You need minimal storage and processing power on your devices as all the storage and computing happens in the data center.
  • No need to worry about transferring all of your files if you ever get a new device. They live in the cloud, not on a hard drive.
  • Enables employees to move around the office without moving equipment or “hotdesking.” Employees can work on a BYOD (bring your own device) basis.
  • Pay on a cost per user per month basis. No more large, up-front investments on servers and powerful PCs for everyone. You won’t need to worry about servicing or upgrading server equipment.
  • Cloud computing is scalable to your business--you can grow as your business grows without needing to add new equipment.
  • Do you know the fear of a lost laptop? There’s no need to carry sensitive data around with you anymore. Now your devices won’t have any data on them, and you can stop them from accessing the network. Fire up your new device, and carry on…

Our Cloud Computing Solutions Include

  • Email, calendaring, word processing, spreadsheet, service, CRM applications and more
  • All of the highly-available, secure storage space your organization will ever need
  • Email security and archiving
  • Sales automation software
  • All upgrades and revisions. Never pay to upgrade your software applications again.

Service, Maintenance and Support

Let us help you identify the right applications for your business and provide all of your service, support and maintenance while increasing your productivity and meeting your budgetary requirements.

Find out how much our Cloud Computing Solutions can save your organization.

Experience the tax benefits of converting your software costs to a flat monthly operating expense.