Backup, Continuity, & Disaster Recovery Services

Backup, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

Minimize downtime and protect your valuable data.

We will work with you to overcome the daunting aspects of creating an IT business continuity plan, work area recovery, detecting and responding to disruption and cyber-attacks, and Disaster Recovery.

Will you be one of the 40-60% of small business that don’t reopen after a disaster? Not if we can help it. We can assist you in developing a new disaster recovery plan or in strengthening your existing plan. Don’t let disasters disrupt your business.

We Service

We service equipment from manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, and many others. Contact us today if you are facing any problems with your computer equipment.

If you have an immediate need for hardware support in Allen, TX and surrounding cities, our Reactive Response and PC Repair Services are the answer.